As a leading designer and manufacturer of industry standard seals, O-Rings and custom elastomeric products, Todd Technologies Inc. (TTI) delivers solutions to satisfy all your sealing needs. Our agility and industry knowledge deliver speedy solutions customized to your application. We will team with you from design through manufacturing and certification.

Prototyping – We can custom engineer prototypes using advanced processes and CAD systems to shorten your design and development cycle for new products.

Reverse Engineering– If your existing supplier does not offer the world class service TTI is known for, you can send the product to us for a reverse engineering evaluation and proposal.

In-house Mold Capabilities – Our full mold design and production capabilities mean fast turns on production quantities of custom sealing products.

When we say TTI offers world class service, we’re not only talking about our customer service and engineered solutions – we’re talking about our world class products too. From standard parts to custom seals, you can trust the quality of TTI sealing products.

O-Rings – We carry AS-568 standard and ISO 3601 metric sizes, in addition to custom dimensions to fit your specific application.

Sanitary Gaskets – Our sanitary gaskets are designed for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Custom Gaskets and Elastomeric Products – If your requirements are beyond the standard scope, we can fill your simple or complex sealing needs with a custom solution.

Elastomers – Not all elastomers were created equal, and we know the importance of the right elastomer for your needs. That’s why we carry a variety of elastomers. When you need sealing solutions, turn to Todd Technologies Inc. (TTI) to keep your business moving forward without missing a beat. Customers rely on our in-house services, dependable inventory, versatility and creative solutions. TTI is trusted because our products are developed using our intimate industry knowledge and experience. An industry veteran and TTI’s founder, Todd Younggreen, decided it was time to fix the slow- moving, one-size-fits-all process used to provide sealing solutions. Results, speed and world class service are now the hallmark of Todd Technologies Inc. Join the TTI family of customers today and experience world class service for yourself. Keeping your business moving means you don’t have time to waste on subpar products. That’s why TTI ensures our sealing solutions are always up-to-date on the latest innovations and regulations for your industry.

We’re proud to be certified by the following:

  • NSF 61
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF Std. 61 for toxicological safety
  • USP Class VI
  • Meets toxicological safety requirements of USP Class VI Plastics
  • FDA
  • Satisfies compliance per CFR 21

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